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I Offer Professional Towing Services

Professional Towing in Collingdale, PAYou may have seen accidents on the road where cars have been involved. Most of the time, these cars won’t be able to be driven right out of the spot depending on the damage sustained after the accident. They would simply have it towed away by contacting a towing company. If you ever need to have your car towed, you can most definitely rely on JMB Towing LLC to get it done. If you’re situated in Collingdale, PA, expect me to arrive at a moment’s notice.


Why Call Me?

Towing a vehicle should only be done by a professional such as me. There have been several cases wherein people who didn’t have the experience nor the proper towing equipment would do it. This can be dangerous because there can be many things that could go wrong. A good example is the car that they’re towing gets further damaged or that they’ll lose control of the car that they’re driving and cause more accidents on the road. To avoid any of this from happening, you have to call me because I can do the towing job excellently. I’m just a phone call away if you ever need me to tow you out of a tight spot.


Contact Me Right Away!

With my years of towing experience, you can best bet that I’ll be able to get the job done without a problem. I make sure that my clients will be satisfied with my towing services by following the proper towing procedures. When towing a certain vehicle, I first drag the vehicle on top of my flatbed truck by using a winch to place it there. After that, I secure it by using harnesses that I connect from the wheels to the bed of the truck. This helps prevent the towed car from rolling over in case I make a sudden turn.

Call (610) 996-4562 and Reach the Top Rated Towing in Collingdale, PA!

JMB Towing LLC is always ready for when you need a car towed the right way. If you get stuck in Collingdale, PA, I can assure you that I’ll be there as quickly as possible. You can give me a call at (610) 996-4562 if you need my towing service.

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